Girlichef – “For cooks of any skill level!”

Not only is this book informative, helpful, and interesting to read – it is packed full of beautiful photos of tempting food. Grace O begins by explaining the ingredients and their benefits that may be lesser-known to some, for example- chia, hemp milk, moringa, and soursop. Although it’s not necessarily what is stressed, one look at this book reinforces the fact that “eating your colors” is one way to get most of your essential nutrients.

Even though I mentioned a few ingredients that may be lesser-known to some people, the majority of the ingredients she uses are whole foods that you see, use, or come across on a daily basis.  The food sounds delicious and actually makes you want to get into the kitchen even if the message of the book isn’t foremost in your mind.  The fact that each recipe is prefaced by the “properties” of the ingredient can help educate you so that you can put together your own dishes, meals, and recipes once you’ve made your way through the ones she gives.

I recommend this cookbook for cooks of any skill level.  And I’ll be using it often! – GirliChef

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