Detox Juice

This Detox Juice will help rid your system of heavy metals, cleanse your liver, and clean out your colon. The chlorophyll in watercress helps to purify the blood of toxins. If you can’t get fresh watercress, you can use spirulina powder in its place. The watercress adds a spicy tartness to the juice. The beets are to sweeten up the mixture and give it a beautiful color, but they bring disease-preventing anthocyanins to the glass as well along with nitrate which reduces blood pressure and iron. The vitamin C in the oranges helps the liver function optimally. And the fiber powder will take care of the colon. 

Serves 2-3 Drinks

1 cup watercress (can substitute 2 Tbsp. spirulina powder)
4 beets (peel on) stem and root removed, cut in pieces
4 oranges (peel on) cut in pieces
8 ounces water
2 Tablespoons fiber powder

1.  Place watercress, beets, and oranges in a juicer.
2.  Stir the fiber powder into the water until it dissolves completely.
3.  Mix the fiber water into the juice


Vitamin C


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What Do FoodTrients Do?
anti-inflamatory Anti-Inflammatory

Reduces inflammation process in cells, tissues, and blood vessels, helping to slow aging and reduce risk of long-term disease.

anti-oxidant Anti- oxidant

Prevents and repairs oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals.

immunity-booster Immunity Boosters

Support the body’s resistance to infection and strengthen immune vigilance and response.

mind Mind

Enhancers encourage vibrant skin and hair and improve mood and mental agility.

disease-preventing Disease Prevention

Reduces risk factors for common degenerative and age-related diseases.