5 stars– FoodTrients: Age Defying Recipes For a Sustainable Life.


K. Francis Phillips (California USA) –

What a user friendly cook book. FoodTrients is chockfull the of dishes that have kept the momentum in my New Years resolution to eat heathfully.What I found in FoodTrients Cook book was a a collection of great dinner ideas and straightforward hassle-free recipes. These are practical weekday meals for busy people that although short on time want to sit down and enjoy dinner. The dishes are healthy and “fresh inspired”.
I also found myself quietly enjoying her reminiscing about her own family meals. The design and pictures are very appealing and really let the food shine. This is a real go to book. Authentic, simple and full of amazing flavored. This book makes it easy for easy it to maintain an interesting and heathly diet. It’s a must read for any one who wants to return to a healthier and age defying way of viewing food and eating.
After just a month FoodTrients lives up to it’s name. I have more stamina, lost weight and my skin looks great….in fact friends have asked if I had been on vacation.

4 stars — Beautiful and easy cookbook

By Chell —

Looking for healthy cookbooks – I found this cookbook on It’s beautiful with simple ingredients. I made the Tri-Tip with Spinach and Grapefruit Salad it was super easy and delicious!

5 stars– Discover The Fountain of Youth in Foods

By Dee Long “TheRightWriter” (LehighValley, PA)

 Ponce de Leon claimed to have found the Fountain of Youth in Florida, but modern foodies only have to discover Grace O’s wonderful new cookbook, “FoodTrients” to discover how daily menu choices can prevent early aging. We love how each recipe presented includes symbols of one to five “foodtrient” properties such as anti-inflammatory, immune boosting or antioxidant. You can pick and choose those recipes that offer the nutritional values you’re seeking to help you look and feel better, more youthful and more alive. Some are powerhouse recipe items with all five such as Tilapia Filets with Cilantro, while others such as Cinnamon Coffee or Fig Salad, cover only two bases. Beautiful page presentation places the easy to read recipe adjacent to the finished product. O’s recipes require a wide array of easy to obtain fresh ingredients and they look luscious. Choose almost any one of the main courses to add color and nutritional value to your dinner table. You’ll never look at a recipe again the same way after reading “FoodTrients” because you will be automatically calculating in her head just how many of the 26 FoodTrients that Grace O describes are included to make the dish worth making! “FoodTrients” is a good reminder that every bite of food you consume is like money in the bank – make every morsel count!

5 stars– FoodTrients:Age Defying Recipes For a Sunstainable Life

By JohnMD – 

Excellent! Grace O’s debut cookbook beautifully defines the philosophy of eating Age Defying meals.Each recipe is full of delicous ingredients that are good for you. It’s clear organization and visual design is simple to follow. FoodTrients makes it easy to jump start your healthy diet without giving up flavor. Perfect for cooks who want super healthy recipes that are out of the ordinary. As a physician I would recommend this to all my patients.