Hypnosis May Help With Weight Loss

Tired of reading about yet another fad diet that’s a surefire way to lose weight?

Maybe the answer for overweight women and men is not what they eat, but what they think.

Hypnosis could be the best way to lose weight quickly.

“When everything else has failed, people have lost their weight and kept it off because of hypnosis,” said Drake Eastburn, Director of Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, which offers hypnosis weight loss consultation in their office, by phone and by Skype.

“Hypnosis makes the entire process enjoyable. And, if one’s commitment is genuine and includes positive participation with the therapist, the changes made with hypnosis to lose weight fast don’t fade away or wear off with time,” said Eastburn, who has written a weight loss book and program called “No Time to Waist–Powerful Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Know.”

“Hypnosis works because it literally overrides old neural pathways to create new ones. This enables immediate change of habits and patterns. Hypnosis impacts the goal-achieving subconscious mind putting your intentions in line with your actions,” said Eastburn, a registered psychotherapist, board certified hypnotherapist, and certified instructor who has 30 years of experience.

“Your conscious mind reads all the self-help books and watches Oprah. It knows what you need or want to do. Your subconscious mind always wins; when the two are in conflict nothing changes. Hypnosis is the key,” he said.

“Hypnosis causes a physiological change to occur in the brain, which makes it instantaneously more receptive to suggestion for positive change, said Eastburn, who has his own school and has been training students for more than two decades. His books are used in hypnotherapy trainings internationally.

“Not all our wishing, hoping, dieting or good intentions at the conscious level are going to make anything but a temporary difference in our ability to manage our weight. Weight control systems work only for a limited time and then, inevitably the weight returns. Why? Because these plans don’t – indeed, they can’t – help us make permanent changes in the life-long habit patterns that are virtually ruling our lives from the region of the subconscious,” he said.

The tremendous value of hypnosis, then, is in its unique ability to give us access to our own subconscious minds and let us actually become aware of the events that have given rise to our habitual behaviors. Knowledge is power. When we know why we are doing something, we become empowered to change it. And here again hypnosis demonstrates its worth by offering the single most efficient way to promote behavioral change – by direct suggestion virtually planted in the fertile ground of the subconscious mind. Embedded there, the affirmation, “I eat less and exercise more” stops being just some good idea but instead becomes a powerful motivating force.

“The difference is in the subjective perceptions. With hypnosis, that constant warfare between the mind and body is gone; doing healthy, active, empowering things that assure weight mastery becomes pleasurable, and one begins to enjoy making sound, healthful choices, rather than feeling deprived or victimized by a stringent diet and exercise regimen,” he said.


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