October 29, 2012 Newsletter

Pumpkins and other squashes are readily available throughout Fall and Winter, and their versatility goes way beyond that of decoration. They are good for your skin, hair, eyes and heart. This week, Grace O offers a variety of delicious ideas for squash–from dips and soups, to dinner and dessert.  

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About FoodTrients

Combining her passion for food and a lifelong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Grace O has created FoodTrients®, a unique program for optimizing wellness. Grace O is a fusion chef with a mission: to cook up recipes for sustaining a long and joyful life that are built on a foundation of anti-aging science and her work in the health care industry. Mixing foods and unique flavors culled from a lifetime of travels from Asia to Europe and America, Grace O encourages young and old to celebrate a full life that embraces diversity. Lifestyle tips, age-defying recipes, and secrets of the healing properties of food are the centerpiece of FoodTrients™–all available through cookbooks, e-newsletters, and FoodTrients.com. foodtrients.com
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