Nutrition Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Papaya?

Sometimes referred to as a tree melon, the papaya is native to southern Mexico and Central America. Papaya was introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800s and today it is the only state that commercially grows this fruit, touted for its many health benefits. As we celebrate national papaya month, take this quiz to see what you know about its nutritional value.

1. Unripe, green papaya fruit contains an enzyme called papain. What has papain been used for for thousands of years?

a) Meat tenderizer

b) Pain medication

c) Cold medication

2. What have injections of papain been known to treat?

a) Neck pain

b) Herniated discs

c) Muscle spasms

3. Tea made from papaya has been consumed in other countries. What has it been known to protect against?

a) Malaria

b) Skin rashes

c) Small pox

4. A small papaya contains what percentage of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C?

a) 300 percent

b) 100 percent

c) 80 percent

ANSWERS: 1: a) Meat tenderizer; 2: b) Herniated discs; 3: a) Malaria; 4: a) 300 percent


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