New Roads to Health Event Explores New Therapies

By Amy Saweslon-Landes

On Wednesday, October 8, San Clarita Valley area doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals participated in the second annual New Roads to Health seminar. The event, which kicked off a series of lectures in the Los Angeles area, was held in honor of the Founders Day celebration of G&E Healthcare Services, and was sponsored by in cooperation with Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia. It was hosted by Grace Mercado Ouano (Grace O) and took place at the state-of-the-art Henry Mayo Education Center.

Featuring experts in the fields of nutrition, health and light therapy, the event was held in order to share some of the most current and innovative practices to promote nutrition and good health. Also in attendance were Henry Mayo President and CEO Roger Seaver and his wife Rizalina, and Philippine Consul General Leo Herrera-Lim and his wife Fides. The event was emceed by television producer and host Robb Weller.

In keeping with the wellness theme, New Roads to Health included a lunch inspired by FOODTRIENTS: Age-Defying Recipes for a Sustainable Life, Grace O’s cookbook and website featuring recipes that promote good health and help slow the aging process. Sodexo Services, the catering service for Henry Mayo, prepared colorful salads of fresh greens, vegetables, berries and nuts; baked chicken breast, healthy wrap sandwiches, crudités and fresh fruit. A delicious selection of desserts and beverages were provided by Grace and her FoodTrients team and included Banana Citrus Cake, Baobab Butter Squares and Mini Cheddar Rice Cupcakes. Recipes for Grace’s indulgent but healthy desserts will be coming out in her next cookbook – AGE BEAUTIFULLY: Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets from Around the World – which will be published by Skyhorse Publishing next fall.

The presentations were made by noted individuals whose involvement in nutrition and healing is internationally recognized as being at the forefront of modern holistic practices.

    • David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM is a board-certified Traditional Naturopath and Vice-President of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. He addressed the important but overlooked role of diet and nutrition interventions in geriatric or chronically ill patients with dementia, pain, cancer or reduced immunity using Results Based Nutritional Medicine®. Getoff presented practical information based on extensive research that confirms that treating the body naturally, bolstering the immune system, addressing diet and lifestyle, and using homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional remedies rather than toxic drugs can help individuals overcome health challenges associated with stress and poor diet.

Part 1–An Introduction and Re-Education of What You Eat and How It Affects Your Body

Part 2–Misdirection of Doctors and The Growing Obesity in America

Part 3-Which Foods to Eat and Which “Sabotage” Foods You Should Avoid

Part 4-Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners and using Supplements and Vitamins

Getoff said, “I believe that healthy foods can be delicious and satisfying as evidenced by the FoodTrients-inspired lunch prepared by Henry Mayo Hospital’s catering service and Grace’s healthy but irresistible desserts.”

    • Catharina Jansma, CEO of Medica Health International travelled from Blackburn in the United Kingdom to present Theragem, a system of fusion light technology currently used in hospitals and clinics in Europe, China and now being introduced in the United States. Theragem’s light and color therapy is a process that uses photons for pain relief, tissue repair and increased blood circulation. Theragem can improve functions in the body such as increasing protein absorption, transportation of nutrients through cell membranes, as well as relaxing the conscious mind to help boost healing. Jansma explains, “A patient’s relaxed mind allows you as the medical specialist to position them for the best possible outcome.”

Mr. Getoff and Ms. Jansma repeated their lectures to health care providers the following day at GEM Transitional Care Center in Pasadena. Ms. Jansma later spoke to residents and invited guests at Fair Oaks Regency Park Assisted Living in Pasadena.

The THERAGEM’S Light Therapy system uses a blend of wave, frequency, color, light and crystalline energy to help stimulate the body’s own healing defences. Theragem is already available to G&E’s patients at their two Los Angeles area facilities as part of the Palliative Care Program, and Guardian Angel Healthcare Services is currently opening their first location for the general public in Pasadena.

For further information, please call Trinity Foliente at 626-304-6900.



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