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Is Your Health Worth 42 Minutes of Your Day?

ThinkstockPhotos-479418082If you’re a postmenopausal gal, you’ve likely put on a few pounds as a result.  If you’re like most women your age, you probably gained it around your belly, hips, and thighs, maybe even your breasts, where women carry most of their fat cells.  You don’t like the way the excess fat makes you look, but to me, the more important issue is the health issues READ MORE

Do You Have Trouble Swallowing?

ThinkstockPhotos-95505269Sometimes I’ll see patients with the complaint that they’re having trouble swallowing, or a sensation that food is getting stuck in their throat and doesn’t go down easily.  The medical term for this is a hard word to pronounce –dysphagia (dis-faj-ah) – and could stem from a number of causes.  If you experience difficult swallowing, here’s what you should know about it. Dysphagia – What Trouble Swallowing Could READ MORE

Obesity Cure Simply Too Simple

Are you a Feaster, Emotional Eater or Constant Craver? If so, you are among an increasing number of obese people struggling with weight issues and the confusion caused by a wealth of diet and exercise advice, Robert Matthews writes. Obesity: huge problem, simple solution – eat less, exercise more. That's it. But with more than half of the UAE population now struggling with weight issues, that message from health officials clearly is READ MORE

10 Tips To Fill Your Tummy

By Marijke Durning at Oh boy…it's 3am and you have the urge to snack. So what can you do about these hunger pangs  without adding a pile of calories to your daily allotment? First of all, although we were taught to eat three square meals per day, grazing-eating small amounts often-is actually healthier for your body. The trick is to be sure READ MORE

Unexpected Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Scientists have isolated the unique molecule that provides olive oil with its multitude of health and life-extending benefits. Known as oleuropein, it is the polyphenol that can help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent cancer, protect against oxidative damage, and help guard against cognitive decline. Oleuropein provides the distinctive tangy, pungent, almost bitter flavor found in high quality extra virgin olive oils. It’s also responsible for most READ MORE

Aspirin In Seniors- Macular Degeneration?

Many of my patients are age 60 and over and as such they have specific health issues. One of their concerns is the healthcare of their eyes and preserving their vision. Recently, I became aware of a study published in Ophthalmology Magazine that warned of people over 60 developing a vision-affecting disease called wet-type macular degeneration. The study found that people who regularly READ MORE

Nuts About This Mediterranean Diet

Consuming plant-based Mediterranean diet with virgin olive oil or mixed nuts can lead to improved cognitive function in older adults, suggests a new study. Spanish researchers Emilio Ros, M.D., Ph.D., and Ciber Fisiopatologia along with colleagues compared a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil or nuts with a low-fat control diet. The randomized clinical trial included 447 cognitively healthy volunteers (223 were women; average age was nearly 67 READ MORE

Gluten-Free Pigs in a Blanket

Since going gluten-free there have been many foods that I've had to bid farewell to. Thankfully the food industry has been quite kind to us as of late, and the majority of these things I’ve been able to find pretty good gluten-free versions of, or at least learned to make something almost as good. Pizza? Check. French Toast? Check. Cinnamon Buns? Big Check. READ MORE

New Strategy to Overcome “Emotional Eating”

Even when faced with life-threatening diseases related to their corpulence, most overweight people simply cannot manage to eat less. One overlooked reason for today’s obesity epidemic is a stress-induced disorder known as “emotional eating.” Consuming certain foods, especially high-glycemic carbohydrates, bolsters “feel-good” brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin that are depleted by stress. While increasing brain serotonin levels through high-carbohydrate meals can help elevate mood in the READ MORE

Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Improve Memory

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of an analysis of a trial which found that supplementation with folic acid and vitamin B12 improved immediate and delayed memory in older men and women. The study analyzed data from a trial of 900 participants with elevated psychological distress who received 400 micrograms of folic acid plus 100 micrograms vitamin B12, or a placebo for two years. Cognitive READ MORE
What Do FoodTrients Do?
anti-inflamatory Anti-Inflammatory
Reduces inflammation process in cells, tissues, and blood vessels, helping to slow aging and reduce risk of long-term disease.
anti-oxidant Anti- oxidant
Prevents and repairs oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals.
immunity-booster Immunity Boosters
Support the body’s resistance to infection and strengthen immune vigilance and response.
mind Mind
Enhancers encourage vibrant skin and hair and improve mood and mental agility.
disease-preventing Disease Prevention
Reduces risk factors for common degenerative and age-related diseases.