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  • Glanda Brown

    Hi Grace,
    Thank you for sharing this info with me. In the near future i will get more in dept and pursue some of your ideas.

  • Brendatroth

    When is Foodtrients available for shipping if I have pre-ordered it?

  • Anne

    I ordered Foodtrients as Christmas gifts for 2 different people. When will they ship?

  • Robin H

    Hi – I was interested in ordering the cookbook after reading about it on the Lil Veggie Patch blog – she reviewed the book. When I click on the “Order Now” button, it states the server cannot be accessed or something like that. Can you email me to let me know how I should order it? I can be reached at – Thanks, Robin

  • Robin H

    Actually…now it seems to be letting me connect. But the order form states that it is a “pre-order” but I see comments from 5 months ago below indicating that it is was on pre-order then. What is the current status of it…currently available? :) Thanks, Robin (

  • Linda Nietes

    Please advise what trade discount do you offer to booksellers like us?

    Linda Nietes (310) 514-9139
    Philippine Expressions Bookshop

    Visit us in facebook and in LinkedIn.
    Also visit our bookshop blog, Literally Yours.

  • Ramon Dungan

    kindly include remedies for “hard to control blood pressure” in your newsletter

  • Gibbonsgigi

    Hi, I was wondering where I can buy hemp milk in north san diego county?

  • Lisa Miller8326

    Hi. I would like to set up a meeting with you at ExpoWest if you are attending. Can someone please contact me at for more info? Thanks-Lisa

  • Angelica

    Hi. I would like to send you some information on a natural foods business that will be at ExpoWest. If you could contact me at – I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!

  • Hayley

    Hi there. I represent natural food brands that will be attending Expo West and would like to send you information on their 2013 product launches. I can be contacted at Thank you.

  • Tania

    Hi! We are going to be at Expo West this year unveiling our product, the world’s first all-natural low calorie ice cream and wanted to take the time to invite you to drop by and visit us at booth #6605. Come by and sample HALO TOP CREAMERY. For more info please email me at Thanks, and see you at the event!

  • John Stafford

    Perhaps you can help me out, I would like to speak to the business development manager at Can you please lead me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    John M. Stafford

    Affiliate Relations Manager |

    P. (407) 425 – 4718 |

  • cathy blackwood

    I tried to sign up for your newsletter, but it won’t let me type anything.

  • wayne

    no chia seed is processed in china……..they do not grow it there

  • Erica C.


    My name is Erica Cannon and I work for a book printing company called Four Colour Print Group. I was wondering if I could get someone to contact me in regards to their publisher information? Thank you.

    Erica Cannon
    Administrative Assistant

    Four Colour Print Group
    Frankfort Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40206

    Phone: (502) 896-9644, ext.
    Fax: (502) 896-9594

  • Carolyn Moye

    sign up for newsletter is not working – no way to submit.

  • Cynthia Morris Tidwell

    It want let me sign up for the Newsletter :)

  • Melissa

    Will you be attending Expo West this year? Would love to connect. Thanks!

  • Heather

    Are you attending NPEW? I work with EyePromise and would love to set up a time to meet.

  • Anonymous

    Grace O and the FoodTrients team will be there. Happy to discuss things with you there.

  • Anonymous

    Grace O and the FoodTrients team will be attending. Hope to see you there!

  • SEVA Maple Water

    We would love to have you taste our 100% pure organic maple water. I also have a press release I could send. Is there an email I can reach the writers at?

    Thank you!

  • diane

    Please send me info about where to have my nutrigenomic profile done.thanks

  • Karen G.

    can the carrot quiche be made without the crust?

  • Sara P.

    I noticed that you would be at the Natural Products
    Expo West trade show this March in Anaheim, CA. I was wondering if I would be
    able to get a media contact of who would be in attendance for this event?

  • Renee Mirsky

    Can’t find giveaway info after clicking proper link in email; “doesn’t exist; apologies, etc., etc.”

  • Walter Goddard

    I tried to read the winner announcement and the page the link was connect to no longer exists… Can you tell me the winner’s name of the Wusthoff knife set? Thanks…

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Walter, it was another person.

  • Ava Thompson

    WOW looks good !!!

  • Ava Thompson

    Hi guys can you create a Pot giveaway in . i would love to join !